K. N. Proctor’s books include the message of the ancient wisdom of know thyself. As we live our lives in the time given us we have the opportunity of understanding something of life and taking up our responsibility to it. Will you grasp your responsibility to life and live a good life?

The Other World is a light vs dark fantasy and Nadine and Will find themselves in the midst of a brewing storm where the elements of human nature and individual character captain the ship. Sail into the Other World and weather the tempest with these Edinbridge students if you can keep your head and find your courage. Otherwise one must follow Avaricis Bale as he tosses tradition and seeks to ride the tide and set the world adrift.

The Other World

Tudor Court is a romance of place and person, partly a humourous romp in British manners and tradition set in a traditional British country manor house and partly a serious run with the timeless human values most worthy of life. Tudor Court, having supported five hundred years of human history within her walls, stands as a classical example of the permanent. Elizabeth Fennington offers her Tudor Court guests, not as seems, occasion for furtherance of one’s position, power, and social status, rather opportunity for recognising what the good life truly means. Tudor Court and Elizabeth Fennington lucidly reflect the ancient Greek guide of good, truth, and beauty.

Tudor Court

The world needs help. To pierce the heart of evil requires character beyond a mere human strength. He will seek to bring justice back and seed justice where it has not been born. He asks for this strength. And the world begins to show a new face.

A Blast of Justice